Canada vs. Czechoslovakia 15-0

Date: 24 April

Walter Byron
Allan Woodman
Konrad Johannesson
Robert Benson
Magnus Goodman
Frank Frederickson
Haldor Halderson
Referee: ?

Jan Peka
Otakar Vindys
Jan Palous
Karel Hartmann
Karel Pesek
Josef Sroubek (C)
Vilém Loos
Halderson 7
Fredrickson 4
Goodman 2
Woodman 1
Johannesson 1
In the quarter finals Canada showed the same superiority as the American team, but they took it somewhat easier. The Czech team was also better than the Swiss one, they skated well, had a good grip of the game and a fine technique with the sticks, which was the reason why the scoring figures were not too high.

Canada built their game on team-work, while the American team had depended more on individual skills. As previously said, the Winnipeg Falcons took it easy, they played for fun and often passed the puck between themselves all the way into the goal. Sometimes the Canadian play exploded in a very fast passing game between the forwards, finished by a stinging shot that nearly blew the goal to pieces. The captain, Frank Frederickson, was a brilliant leader of the forward-line, but it was the wing Halderson who was the leading goal scorer. The defender Johannesson became somewhat of a favorite to the public due to his marvelous skating technique.