The Allan Cup in Toronto, Game One


Western Wonders Win First of Allan Cup Finals 8 to 3 in Game
Remarkably Fast and Devoid of Body-Checking
Speed of Goodman and Benson Not Matched by Blue and White

TORONTO March 29 1920 - Demonstrating that fast hockey can be played and championships won without restoring to body-checking, the Winnipeg Falcons on Saturday night inflicted an 8 to 3 defeat on the University of Toronto team, and thus will carry a five-goal lead into to-night's final Allan Cup game. The Westerners travelled at a lightning pace throughout the first fifty minutes, and led by 8 to 1, but they tired on end, and the eager collegians, coming strong, ran in two goals. On the night's play the Falcons were by long odds the better team, and few local fans begrudge them their victory.
Here they go again, starting with flattening Fort William and rolling on into Toronto. With every game the Falcons' confidence must have risen and their play improved accordingly. I wonder how they felt at this time, all of the reports quote them as being perfectly quiet, respectable and clean-living young men, and yet they must have been human.

The Allan Cup in Toronto, Game Two


Students Did Not Let Up During Any Minute of the Battle

TORONTO March 30, 1920 - The Falcons will leave here Wednesday to sail on the steam ship Melita, from St. John, for the Olympic games. TORONTO March 30.- Falcons, of Winnipeg, are winners of the Allan Cup, and the champion hockey team in Canada. They defeated University of Toronto here again last night in the wind-up contest for the Allan Cup and the right to go to Antwerp, Belgium, to take part in the Olympic Games as Canada's hockey champions. Tonight's victory was won by 3 to 2, and the round was won by 11 to 5.

Falcons have established their right to the title by decisively defeating University of Toronto on the round and few if any, will begrudge them the cup. The members of the team are good sportsmen, and grand players. Those who have seen them in action are confident that they will defeat all entrants at the Olympic games, and bring the world's championship to Canada. The locals went into last night's game determined to win, and also to win the round. That they failed is no fault of theirs, for they gave everything they had and lost simply because the Falcons are the better team.
The University of Toronto had a very good hockey team, but not good enough to beat the Falcons. The Falcons were a real team whose players had grown up together, gone to school together, played hockey together for several years and survived life in the Military. Even the best team of university students couldn't overcome the Falcons esprit-de-corps.
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