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Hockey Fans Delighted With Free Press Service

March 29th- Another large and enthusiastic crowd of hockey fans gathered outside the Free Press building on Carlton street last evening when the special Allan Cup bulletin service, which took the local sporting world by storm on Saturday night, was repeated with even more success than before. Despite the unpleasant weather, the fans turned out by their thousands and the enthusiasm which was manifest on every occasion that the Falcons took the jump on their clever opponents fully equalled the display of the initial game.

Chief honors of the local service last night were carried by W. O. Graham, the popular Winnipeg sportsman, who, in the role of chief megaphone artist, had the crowd fairly in fits. Ossie was in his happiest vein and pulled off such a variety of humourous side-chatter that even the Toronto fans in the crowd could not restrain a general chortle every time he raised his trumpet.
That's how, in 1920, avid hockey fans got their "live" coverage of the Allan Cup games in Toronto. They went to the newspaper office and waited outside to hear the bulletins coming in on the telegraph lines from Toronto. Since there were no radios and very few telephones, what else could a keen fan do? To keep the crowd warmed up, Ossie Graham, the man with the megaphone, apparently supplied plenty of entertainment between bulletins.

Public Subscription List is Opened
to Help Finance Falcons' Trip to Antwerp

March 30- With the victory of the Falcons in the Allan cup series, hockey enthusiasm has permeated into all ranks and conditions, into all classes and masses in the community Popular imagination has been further fired, by the new quest undertaken by the team, involving a trip across the Atlantic (an expensive trip ) to Antwerp and the Olympic games, where the world's series and world honors are at stake. The City Council first felt the stimulus, and without haggling, voted $500 toward the expenses of the team. The Legislature, not to be outdone, yesterday made a grant of $2,000 toward the trip. But even with these generous gifts much yet remains to be acquired before the boys who have brought such honor to the city and province can accomplish the journey, without themselves undergoing financial embarrassment (to put it mildly).

Bare hotel and travelling expenses are furnished by the Canadian Olympic committee, or the committee handling the hockey end for the Olympic body. This amount, these days of heavy tariff, while considerable in itself, is scarcely calculated to inspire members of the team with confidence, or the Belgian people, and the many visitors likely to throng Antwerp during the series, with any additional conception of the honor of the Dominion. It is not the desire of local hockey enthusiasts that the Falcons, individually, should suffer privation, or be out of pocket on the trip, and it is likely that Mayor Gray will be approached to open a public subscription locally, on their behalf.

With the $2,500 already raised, a like sum is desired by the local hockey officials. Pending further arrangements, Tom Boyd, member of the Parks Board, and local representative of the Canadian Olympic committee, will receive and acknowledge, through the press, any contributions made by local adherents of the game, and team. Mr. Boyd's address is 636 McDermot avenue, Phone G.4228.
Looking back with the hindsight of 90 years full of sports scandal, paid amateurs, drug usage and astronomical athletes' salaries, this article from a Winnipeg paper shows how unprepared for success the team, the city and the province were. Obviously no one expected such a stunning series of victories from the Falcons. In those days perhaps all the "gentlemen amateurs" of sport were expected to pay their own way to the Olympics.
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