Arriving in England

Falcons Spent Two Happy Days in Dear Old Blighty
Winnipeg Boys and Their Hats Created Quite a Stir

Frank Fredrickson Writes About the Joys of
the Boys Aboard Ship While on Way to Antwerp.

(BY TROWSDALE)(Free Press Special Correspondent) London, England April 12 (by mail)
- The Winnipeg Falcons, entrusted with the task of guarding the athletic honor of Canada and the British Empire in the preliminary competition of the Olympic games at Antwerp, were photographed at the Euston railroad station on their arrival in London, England. Every man, with the exception of W.A. Hewitt, Toronto; Hebbie Axford, manager, and Lt.-Col. McDonnell (who is included in the group) appears to be wearing a particular style of hat. This fact led to a Canadian present to suggest that an "issue" must have been donated by a Winnipeg outfitter who was badly bitten by the hockey bug. The Icelanders managed to have quite a pleasant time in "the big smoke" in spite of the rain which featured their two-days' stay in London. (Sporting Editor's note: - The hats referred to by the correspondent were donated to the players by Jack Snidal, the wild-eyed Falcon rooter, just previous to leaving for Toronto).

One of the first letters to be received in the city from the Falcons arrived at the Free Press yesterday addressed to the sporting editor, and was from that gifted athlete, songster and musician, Frank Fredrickson. He wrote from aboard the steamer Melita, dated April 8, as follows:

Dear Bill - There seems to be a scarcity of paper aboard so I have to use this. Until today the sea has been smooth as glass. Now Huck's got his wish - a little rough weather so that the members of the W.C.T.U. might get a slight insight into the joys of the man that has a thirst stranded in Winnipeg, I mean the man not the thirst, on a raft in mid-ocean. As yet the only sick man in our crowd is Trainer Sigurjonsson. He has never yet been on a sea voyage without being sick and this one, unfortunately for him but to the extreme delight of Mike Goodman, is no exception Slim Halderson, Mike, Bobby, Wally, Konnie and myself have been practicing a dash for the rail in anticipation of high seas. They know the various fish calls so the food won't go to waste. Here's hoping that neither Slim nor Mike get sick. You see, they occupy the same cabin as myself, which cabin by the way, is so large that we have to get up one at a time in the morning, and go to bed one at a time at night. Konnie Johannesson also shares one bunk as he is the fourth snoozer in our cabin.

Hebby Axford and Bill Fridfinnson are weathering the voyage remarkably. Axford know the opening hours of the bar off by heart. Only wish we had Steamer Maxwell with us. Slim says if it gets much rougher that he's going to jump off and walk to shore, and I'll bet he can do it. Wally's eye is O.K. again. Well, cheerio Bill . I will write from Antwerp.
Sincerely - Frank

"Fish calls" indeed. Nothing like a bit of vulgar humour to catch the reader's attention. At the time the letter was written they had been at sea for 5 days, with 4 more to go. Frank, Konnie, Hebby and several other team members had just come back from England about a year earlier, they probably knew what to expect on this trip. Just imagine trying to sleep in a small cabin with those four keen young lads. Not likely!
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