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Winnipeg Hockeyists Took Things Easy but Put Up Clever Exhibition in Defeating Slovaks


(Special Correspondence to the Free Press) ANTWERP April 24

- The Canadians made their first appearance in Olympic hockey tonight when they defeated the Czecho-Slovak team by 15 goals to 0 in very easy fashion. Half-time score 7-0. The Canadians at no time exerted themselves but nevertheless gave a very good exhibition of team play. At first they were inclined to bunch and leave their positions, but when they found that the ice was cluttered up with players with seven men to a side, they drew their opponents towards the Canadian end of the rink and then sent two men down with the puck to the other end.
The Falcons' steamroller just kept on going - the Europeans at this time had no idea how hockey really was played in North America. They apparently fell for the old decoy trick, being allowed to play the puck down to the Falcons' end of the rink, then 2 Falcons' players would play the puck to the other goal and easily score.

How Winnipeg Falcons Beat Yankees in SemiFinal

Details of Game in Which Canada Whitewashed the U.S.
Mike Goodman Attended to the Speed Merchant - A 55 year-old Player.

(BY W.A. HEWITT) (Special Correspondence of the Free Press) ANTWERP, April 25 - It was quite evident after the first couple of nights of the VII Olympiade hockey that the real competition for the highest honors would narrow down to the teams representing Canada and the United States. The European nations, while fairly well versed in the rudiments of the game, showed a lack of knowledge of the fine points, and were as a result outclassed in actual play by the Canadians and the Americans. By the luck of the draw Canada and the States came together in the semi-final, and the game proved such an attraction that the Palais de Glace tonight was unable to accommodate one-tenth the number of people who sought admission.
The streets in the neighbourhood of the rink were crowded from 18 o'clock (6 o'clock) although the game was not advertised to start until 21 o'clock (9 o'clock). The doors were finally closed about an hour before the match, and the late-comers, who held the precious tickets, could only obtain admission by subterranean passages known to the elect. Special squads of soldiers were employed to get the players into the rink, and they were accorded very special privileges, naturally, as they were supplying the attraction.
Gentlemen in evening clothes on the outside implored the players to allow them to carry their sticks and skates so that they could obtain admission and it would have been a great pleasure to his Winnipeg friends to have seen the entry of Monsier Mike Goodman, escorted by a detachment of soldiers and three men in full evening dress and top hats, carrying his skates, sticks and grip - and they all got away with it, too, as valets to "Monsier le Canadiennne".
The Falcons won this game 2-0, with goals by Frank Fredrickson and Konnie Johannesson. It was the only game that mattered in this contest, the European teams really didn't have a chance against the North Americans.
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