Home at Last

Winnipeg Falcons Due Home
On Monday Morning, May 17

May 7 - The Winnipeg Falcons, conquerors of the best hockey aggregations in the world, are due to arrive in Winnipeg from their successful trip to Antwerp about Monday morning, May 17th. Word to this effect was received in a special cable from London, england, which stated that the triumphant Winipeg hockeyists had sailed from Havre late on Wednesday night for Montreal. They will return home via Toronto and Chicago, and it is likely that they will stop off a day in Toronto and Chicago. A monster civic reception awaits the Falcons and Monday would be a splendid day to entertain them. A joint meeting of civic officials, the Manitoba Hockey association and the Falcon executive will be held at the Fort Garry hotel next Monday night to complete arrangements for the welcome for the Falcons.

Civic Reception and Gold Watches for the Falcons

Banquet and Parade is Planned

May 12 - Winnipeg will recognize the brilliant deeds of its hockey heroes in the way of a banquet and presentation of gold watches to the champion Falcons on their return from Antwerp, which should be around May 15. This was decided yesterday afternoon at the city hall, when the civic reception committee made elaborate plans for welcoming the victorious Falcons, who have brought so much renown to Canada and Winnipeg by their brilliant exploits on the ice.

The city fathers recognize fully the importance of the advertising that the victory of the Falcons brought to Winnipeg and the committee was not loath to express their appreciation of the honor brought to the city by the boys, and it didn't take them long in deciding that it was only right and proper that the best kind of a civic reception should be tended the lads after their long stay away from home. The Manitoba Hockey association is also planning a mammoth automobile parade, and local admirers of the team will have an opportunity of joining in the reception.
Well there we are. that's how the Winnipeg Falcons got to Antwerp via Toronto and London to become the world's first Olympic Hockey Champions.
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